2004-05 Concert Season

Fall Season Opening Concert
A Basque Note:
Beyond Nationalism

Oskar Espina Ruiz, Clarinet
Jeffery Meyer, Conductor
November 26, 2003, 7 pm
Beloselsky-Belozersky Palace

A Concert for Finnish Independence Day
Sasha Mäkilä, Conductor
Hanna-Leena Haapamäki, Soprano
December 4, 2004, 4 pm
Shuvalovsky Palace

A "Classic" from St. Petersburg,
a view of Scotland from Germany,
and a prayer from the New World…

Lance Inouye, Conductor
Vsevolod Dolganov, Cello Soloist
December 18, 2004, 7 pm
Shuvalovsky Palace

American and Russian Composers
from the 20th Century to the Present Day

Anastasia Khitruk, Violin
Jeffery Meyer, Conductor
March 20, 2005, 7 pm
Shuvalovsky Palace

Japanese Spring
Part of the 5th Annual Festival
"Japanese Spring in St. Petersburg"

Conductor, Satoshi Kawasaki
May 21, 2005, 7 pm
Shuvalovsky Palace

The Orchestra