Mission Statement

The St. Petersburg Chamber Philharmonic aims to promote cultural exchange and understanding, and the integration of the repertoire of our time into the standard repertoire of the concert hall. It seeks to provide high-quality performance opportunities for local Russian musicians as well as insights into less familiar music, and to provide up-and-coming soloists and composers with performance opportunities in Russia and links to the extraordinary Russian musical culture. By employing contemporary and innovative programming ideas, the St. PCP aims to provide audiences in St. Petersburg with a unique concert experience that is otherwise not available in the area, thus filling an important niche in the musical market.

The St. PCP is dedicated to performing new works by contemporary composers (with a special emphasis on American and Russian music), the "classics" of the twentieth century, and the standard works of the orchestral literature from all national origins.

The St. PCP is devoted to seeking out young performers and composers of extraordinary talent and presenting them in concert, thus providing audiences with the chance to witness emerging talent, and providing artists with needed performance opportunities.

The St. PCP is dedicated to bringing the works of the past and present together in a unique concert experience. Each program will be devoted to works that have exceptional merit, regardless of time period. A wide variety of repertoire will be explored with the intent to invigorate older works and showcase the new.

The St. PCP hopes to be an example of collaboration and co-operation between a diversity of musicians and nationalities, which upholds high standards of musical integrity and embraces an openness to all music, musicians and audiences, regardless of national boundaries. The St. PCP is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization.

Glinka Hall